The Brand

VQ Jewelry is luxury brand of accessories that was created by Designer Vanessa Quintiliano for a select and demanding public, who likes variety and innovation without giving up precious stones and rare metals.

The designer, who has been working in the jewelery market for more than 15 years, has the  greatest passion for her creations: her pieces are hand-drawn exclusively and can be customized at the client’s request, as it is done in the Horse line that is dedicated to lovers of the elegant and select world of riding.

Vanessa Quintiliano sells jewelry made of her own design throughout Brazil. These exhibitions and presentations of themed creations in Equestrian Clubs inspired her to developed a universe dedicated to this sport at the request of her clients who wanted to show their passion for riding and their favorite animals .

She brought into existence the gold horses studded with diamonds trotting happily in pendants, spurs and horseshoes with emeralds, rubies and sapphires in rings and earrings, precious little stirrups, long-barreled boots in two gold colors, stylized hair brushes ,  different shapes of whips and saddles, all in miniatures to be used all over the body . Each one created lovingly in their own way, thus having their passion sealed by the touch of the designer, with exclusivity.

Other creations and themes have innovative interpretation through the eyes of the designer Vanessa Quintiliano. Come see it all with your own eyes, we will be pleased to show you our jewels!

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